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Berg Engineering Consultants, Ltd. Office Remodeling

LEED for Commercial Interiors Version 2.0 Silver Certification

Berg Engineering Consultants Office Lobby 

Berg Engineering Consultants Office Lounge 

Photos by: Alexander Romanovsky DLA Architects, Ltd.

Our office expansion and remodeling includes the use of low VOC emitting materials, day lighting, material reuse and used office furniture.

89 used furniture partitions were purchased. Based on information from the National Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery, this saved enough energy to power 178 average homes for one day.

All waste generated due to the construction activities was recycled.

20% of the building materials were manufactured from recycled content.

53% of the building materials were manufactured 500 or less miles from the site.

50% of the wood used in the project were harvested from FSC certified forests.

Berg Engineering Consultants Office Library 

Berg Engineering Consultants Office Hall 

This building will use 41% less domestic water from the dual flush water closets, low flow lavatories and sinks. 

The lighting fixtures utilize T5 lamps with program start electronic ballasts. The lighting design total wattage is 31% better than the energy code. The lighting controls consist of: multiple level lighting controls with multiple zone lighting control and occupancy sensor for automatic lighting shut-off. 

Every space in the building has individual temperature controls in order to provide better occupant comfort and match heating and air conditioning load to actual conditions to save energy.

The building has a Solar Reflectance Index of 100 to reduce the heat island effect.

BEC Office earns LEED Silver for Commercial Interiors

Project team: DLA Architects, Ltd., and Berg Engineering Consultants, Ltd.