BEC 50th. Anniversary

Berg Engineering Consultants, ltd. is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of its founding.


Shortly after switching to a new position with a title and more authority, Brian Berg Sr. realized that he had made a bad decision and was not working at the company he wanted to work for. Brian said "To recover from that mistake, I decided to strike out on my own." Brian Berg & Associates, Ltd. came to life on March 1, 1969.


Then and Now


From the humble beginning in a bedroom to sharing office space with the Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce the first couple of years was slow going. Eventually Brian Berg & Associates had employees and office space above a machine shop in Elk Grove Village.


In 1982 the company had outgrown the office in Elk Grove and moved to it’s present location on Wise Road in Schaumburg. As the company grew it took over more and more of the space at this location eventually taking over the whole building in 2009.


In 1979 the firm designed one of the first variable volume manufacturing facilities. The design of this building is the precursor for high efficiency laboratories that are being built today. The Hollister project was highly successful earning an ASHRAE Illinois Chapter Energy Award in 1982, Region Award in 1983 and eventually earning a National Award in 1984. This project was also published in the Architectural Record in March 1982.


Technology has always been at the forefront of BEC. Today, we like everyone, are utilizing Building Information Modeling but we started doing this in 1982 when the first personal computers came out. Drawings and buildings were modeled starting in 1984.


In 2006 the company’s name was changed to Berg Engineering Consultants, ltd. because it is no longer about one person. It is about one person’s vision continued by successors dedicated to that vision. That vision created an engineering company that maintains high standards of professional competence and ethics; an engineering company of individuals working as a team challenging each other; an engineering company that strives each day to provide innovative and affordable solutions to any building system design.

About Berg Engineering Consultants, ltd.


Berg Engineering Consultants, ltd. is a consulting engineering company that provides Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection engineering and design services.